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Photo Contest Winner

Keirin Cut Jeans Inc

Thank you to all of our contestants who participated in our first Keirin Cut Jeans® photo contest!  

We are happy to announce our winner!

"Climbing before work Is always nice when it's too cold or dark in the morning to ride. These jeans actually fit well enough that I can buy a size that fits my waist and I can still move in them and don't have to wear a belt to keep them around my waist if I want to be able to squat down without ripping through my jeans (this has happened... multiple times). Thanks for making these, they are my absolute favorite!" -- Lacey P.

We also want to recognize honorable mentions!

"Keirin Cut Jeans® just fit. Period." --Mandy G.


"I commute daily on my trusty "old blue" steel bike and race at the local velodrome. Keirin Cut Jeans® are the first jeans I have not had to buy 2 sizes bigger to fit my larger lower half! And they are comfortable enough to commute in and stylish enough to wear out. Amazing!" --Jennifer s.


Thank you everyone for your submissions!  

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