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Keirin Cut Jeans® - "The" Perfect Denim For Our Customers

Adil Abubakar

I think I have found the perfect denim for our customers.  I am SO excited but I will not tell you the Fabric, Weight or its ID.  

Any denim connoisseurs out there?!?  Can you guess what type of Denim I am talking about?!?  If you think you know - I will send you a free KCJ Wallet!  Really! 

How to Play

As I always say, know the rules of the game before playing it.  This is how you can win a free wallet!

1.  Email me a one-word answer.  Yes, one word!  What is the perfect denim I have found?


2. The first ten answers will get a free wallet.... based off of your email time stamp.  First come, first serve! 

3. Friends and Family cannot play!  My 11 yr old wanted to email me.  It is a good thing that they are growing up in  a "denim" house...(she knew the answer as soon as she read the blog, while i was typing it!)


This Wallet <<<<Click to see<<<<<<<

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