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Thank You To Every One Of You Who Helped Us Achieve US Ranking

Adil Abubakar

Thanks to all of you who helped Keirin Cut Jeans® achieve US rankings   We will try our best to keep up the trust and confidence everyone has placed in us, as we set our small footprint on the global internet.


This is surely a milestone and a moment of pride for us and our customers, in our journey together. Keirin Cut Jeans® now offers the highest number of waist and inseam variations in its competitive class.


Our Athletic Fit Denim line will expand as we expand Keirin Cut Jeans® with your support.  We will soon look to Pioneer new fabrics and washes which have been kept away from the Athleisure casual market.


Thanks again, looking forward to serve the athletic community for the years to come.

 P.S Stay tuned via our RSS feed for announcements.

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