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Our Story

 What is the secret to making the worlds best athletic fit jeans you ever put your legs in? Curating the finest material to craft jeans that are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. Next, you precision tailor the fit using the individuals who wear them.
Crafted with Purpose. Athletic Fit Perfected. Extraordinary Style and Versatility.
We Are Keirin Cut Jeans.


Keirin Cut Jeans are designed specifically for the athlete’s physique. Our jeans provide extra room in the quads and butt for those powerful, explosive muscles, all while maintaining a slender waistline.

Athletes like cyclists, track & field athletes, soccer players, weight lifters, skiers, hockey players, ice skaters, and cross fitters – who typically find it difficult finding pants to fit their build – can enjoy the comfort, style, and fit of Keirin Cut Jeans.

Our Story

During the London Olympics, Beth Newell was contacted by the New York Times for an article on quad size, athletes, and fashion. Adil Ababakar read the article, was inspired, and contacted Beth to go into business. The two began developing Keirin Cut Jeans, a clothing company aimed at designing a brand that fits the athletic physique. Keirin Cut Jeans® was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter in December 2014. 

Our Philosophy

Fit. Keirin Cut Jeans incorporates athlete feedback in all steps of the process. KCJ collected measurements from nearly 100 athletes to inform our jean design, and we use real athletes as fit models. The result? A winning product that meets the goal of fitting the athletic body. We will continue this model of athlete input in our future products.  Thanks for all the emails and suggestions - we read them all, and use them in our product design process.

Quality. Keirin Cut Jeans are now manufactured globally. We globetrotted to find the right jeans manufacturer, and ultimately decided to go into production out of Los Angeles for our first run because of the factory’s excellent quality. Since then we have diversified our factories who met our stringent standards for workmanship and quality.  Our jeans not only have the perfect quad and waist fit, but the custom buttons, rivets, and stitching bring added uniqueness to our product. 

Partnership. As a startup, we aim to revolutionize the market for athletic causal wear. Our goal is to make quality products designed for athletes and build a strong community in the process. Not only do we use athlete input in our product design and development, but we also want to build a quad-friendly community: where athletes from all over can share their “quad love.”  Athletes work hard to make their bodies the best they can be, and we want to provide a product that reflects that hard work.