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Pre Orders & Faq's | Keirin Cut Jeans


The Keirin Cut Jeans® pre-order model is very simple. Totally Customer Centric.

  • Customers give suggestions regarding what products, styles, and fabrics they would like by surveys or sending us an email.
  • Customers drive what we produce, instead pushing products on to customer
  • Customers get a good deal. Prices points are lower in direct sales
  • Customers have a wider element of choice for sizes, than any competitor (Inseams)
  • Customers have a variety of options to choose from (washes, fabric)
  • Customers help KCJ and the environment to eliminate waste by reduced inventory levels.
  • Enjoy and be sure to tag us on Instagram - #keirincutjeans

Pre-Order FAQs

What are the advantages of pre-ordering?

The pre-order system has a number of advantages for customers.  More options are available to customers in terms of sizes, washes, and styles.  Prices for products are lower because the company does not have to carry inventory.  The pre-order model is responsive to customer suggestions on products.  It also reduces waste and is a sustainable model.  

When do I pay?

When you hit “Pre-Oder”, your payment method will be charged. In the event that a product does not reach its goal before the deadline, the product will be canceled and your full payment will be refunded to your original form of payment.

When will it ship?

When you Pre-Oder, there is an estimated shipping month found to the product page that gives you a rough idea of when we will ship out your order.  We will have some blog post announcements on this as well.  We'll send you an email as soon as we ship your order that will include your tracking number. If you lose that email, you'll be able to find that information on your orders page.

What if I order the wrong size? 

If you order the incorrect size, we will offer exchanges if we have a replacement in stock. If the item is not in stock, we will offer you to exchange for a comparable item or be offered a store credit.  

I would rather purchase once the item is in stock.

We cannot guarantee an item will be in stock.  We will only hold a very select number of items in inventory for exchange purposes.  To guarantee you have access to a product in your size, we suggest you purchase via pre-order.

What if my address changes from the time of the Pre-Order to Shipping?

Just send us an email with your order # CustomerService@KeirinCutJeans.com.  It is just that simple.

What is the status of my order?

Frequent and detailed updates will be posted on the blog site of our web page. We will try to update these about every two weeks, as we get information from our production team. We will send you an email as soon as we ship your order that will include your tracking number. If you lose that email, you'll be able to find that information on your orders page.

 Why do some Pre-Orders close early?

In many instances fabrics are in limited, so if we can only product, say 100 units with the fabric, then the campaign will close as soon as those 100 orders have been made. This can be as fast as 1 hour or it could take the full funding period. For this reason, if you are really interested in something, we suggest you just back it to ensure you can get your order in.

Can an item be funded more than 100%?

Yes, depending on the availability of the fabric and a variety of other factors we can be funded more than 100%

I missed the Pre-Order period, but am interested in a past item.  Can I still purchase it?

As a company we pride ourselves in our Customer Centric model to only produce the items they want in the sizes they need. We will try to bring back popular washes/styles when possible.  Please contact us to give us your feedback

I have an idea of a product I would like to see.  What should I do?

Please sending us an email at CustomerService@keirincutjeans.com to let us know what you were thinking.  Be as descriptive as possible and send some photos to describe what you are looking for.  

General FAQs

I am nervous about buying jeans online.  What size should I order?

We developed our sizing chart based on measurements from hundreds of athletes who wear our product.  Please follow the guidlelines in the video and size chart to determine your size.  Generally speaking, Keirin Cut Jeans® run true to size.  Please refer to the size and measure guide.  

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes!  We do offer free shipping for orders in the USA.  

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes - Absolutely - we've sent quality Keirin Cut Jeans® to over 50 countries! Just select “International” over “Domestic” shipping when you check out.  Free shipping does not apply to orders outside of the USA.  

Please note that depending on the value of the item, import charges are not included with your checkout price if applicable. If you'd like to know your country's customs charges beforehand, contact your local post office for more information or check out this link.

We’d also like to note that when customs clearance procedures are required, it can increase the time that you’ll receive your purchases beyond our original delivery estimates on our site.

Being in business for a couple of years, we’ve learned that manufacturing is an art and not a science, for these reasons we don’t recommend having your orders shipped to the US if you happen to be in the US for a short stay since the window can be small enough to not guarantee that your goods will arrive to you in time.

Can you hold back my package?

Our fulfillment center doesn’t have the space to hold packages. In the event that you know you’ll be away and unable to take receipt of your package, we recommend you put a hold on your mail with the local USPS, or change your shipping address to that of a close friend, family member, or business.

What if my package was returned to sender?

If customers haven’t reached out to us before the package is sent back to us, we will process refunds to your original form of payment for the listed product price of the goods.

Do you pay for return shipping?

No, at this time we do not pay for return shipping. 

Can I exchange or return an item after I receive it?

Unlike other brands, we carry very limited inventory. This helps us keep our prices low, but makes exchanges a bit trickier. We’ll do our best to facilitate exchanges for out unworn (outside of fit purposes in your home), unwashed and unaltered items for a comparable style or store credit.  We may not have the same exact fabric you’re looking for, but considering how many different fabrics we will be running, we will do our best to make sure you are taken care of. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at CustomerService@KeirinCutJeans.com

Can you ship me a couple pairs of jeans to try on so I can figure out my size?

Unfortunately not - our business model means we keep very limited inventory on hand.

Custom orders/sizes?

At this time we have a set number of patterns that we work with for each garment, which helps with efficiency. Custom sizing is not currently something we can provide.

Do you offer custom inseams? Or can I pay more to have you hem my jeans to my inseam length?

We are not currently set up to accommodate custom inseams. We only offer standardized inseam lengths based on size. Most of our customers either cuff their jeans or have them hemmed at a local shop.

Do you have a physical store where I can try on your goods?

We do not have a brick and mortar store nor do we stock KCJ items at any other stores at the moment. If we do any special events where you can try on goods, we will announce these events in our newsletter.

Do you offer a button fly option?

We currently do not offer any button fly options on both our jeans or chinos.

Why haven’t I heard back from you?

We take pride in answering all questions that are sent our way. We are a small, but we will always take the time to respond to questions big and small and will typically respond well within one business day.

To ensure you get a timely response, please add CustomerService@KeirinCutJeans.com to your contact list.

You may also want to check your spam filter as our replies might be filtered out of your inbox. If you happen to be a Gmail user, our emails have been known to be routed to the “Promotions” tab.